Tansen Makhbara
Distance From Our Hotel - 12 km
About Tansen Makhbara

Tansen, the crowning jewel of Mughal Emperor Akbar's Navaratnas, was said to have divine connection to the music he composed. Legends says that he could make it rain or light candels with his raags and surs. The Memorial of Tansen or 'The Tomb of Tansen' located in Gwalior near the Tomb of Muhammad Ghaus. Tansen was a great follower and a student of the sufi saint, Mahammaed Ghaus who taught him Hindustani classical music and several raagas. Hence, after his death he was buried near his teacher. Tansen was a proponent of the Dhrupad style and he developed the Gwalior Gharana style. It is a beautiful monument that displays the cultural heritage of Gwalior. An annual festival that is held at national level is organised here at the tomb. It offers a great platform for the young and budding artists as well as maestros to perform at the site.